Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grow Slowly!

How can my baby be TWO tomorrow? Two just sounds so BIG! He is big, for sure, always off the charts in both height and weight, and about to pass his sister, but two years old? To me that says that he's not a baby anymore! My boy is much more "adventurous" than his older sister, who remembers every rule and reminds everyone what that rule is if they even look like they might break it, but he is so cute with those blonde curls and big blue eyes that I can't help but laugh when I catch him doing something he's not supposed to be doing. Last week we came home from church and were changing clothes and when I walked in the kitchen he had pushed a chair over to the cabinets, climbed up on the counter and was sitting up there eating bran flakes from the box left on the counter that morning- he just looked at me and said "I dot it!" I had psyched myself up for a challenging two years with babies 16 months apart, and it is definitely getting fun now. He is my snuggler, the one who says "Mama" as he grabs my face, turns it towards him and plants a juicy kiss on my lips, and the one who made me crack up laughing when he pointed up in the sky a few months ago, saw a full moon at dusk, and said "uh oh ball"- with such concern! My most favorite time right now is rocking him at night and singing "I Love You Lord" while he "sings" along. My boy may be two years old tomorrow, but he'll always be my baby! I've gotten his sister trained to say that even though she's growing up, she's growing slowly- but he doesn't seem to have gotten the message!